Gorgon and Jansz upstream project

REINERTSEN did detailed design of off-spools and pipeline end terminations.
Project description
The Gorgon and Jansz field is one of the largest natural gas projects in the world located about 130 kilometers off the north-west coast of Western Australia. The field development includes both the Gorgon field (250 m water depth) and Jansz field (1350 m water depth).

REINERTSEN's involvement
REINERTSEN has been awarded a contract for detailed design of 45 off spools (tie-in spooler ranging from 4" to 34"), detail design of 12 pipeline end terminations (open PLET's) for the production lines, and development for tie-in equipment for these PLET's. The PLET's alone represent a total weight of 1 700 tons. REINERTSEN is also performing pipeline integrity check for the 12 connections. Design life for non replaceable equipment is 50 years.

Project data

  • › Year: 2009–2012
  • › Contract: Engineering
  • › Client: GE Oil & Gas (Chevron)

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