P12 pipeline engineering and services detail engineering

REINERTSEN has performed the detail engineering of the P12 pipeline from Troll A to Kollsnes.
Project description
Due to the anticipated decrease in reservoir pressure, a new 36" pipeline is designed in order to maintain the gas quantity transported from the Troll gas field to Kollsnes. The new pipeline, denoted P12, is to be installed along the common Troll corridor, except for the last section approaching the existing subsea riser termination.

The P12 pipeline is to be pulled into a pre-determined sea tube at the seabed level (-300 m) at Troll A. The second end at the Kollsnes area, to be tied into an existing riser bundle at 160 m water depth by applying a 155 m long tie-in spool.

The expansion design in the hot section is based on snake lay by using counteracts.

REINERTSEN's involvement
REINERTSEN has performed the detail engineering of the P12 pipeline. The work covers all element in the detail design phase like wall thickness sizing, installation, MTO's, stability analyses, expansion and buckling. Further, pull-in to Troll A, spool design of hot tap tee and GRP cover. REINERTSEN has been heavily involved in interfaces against the laying contractor Allseas, spool tie-in contractor Technip, STATS responsible for the sea tube work and against rock dumping contractors. REINERTSEN has also assisted Statoil in survey interpretations and during offshore rock installation. Due to the severe seabed conditions near shore Kollsnes, additional work has been performed related to earthquake.

Project data

  • › Year: 2009–2012
  • › Contract: Engineering
  • › Client: Statoil

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