Siri Etterlid


Siri has a master's degree in finances and resource management from the Norwegian University of Life Science. She started her career in REINERTSEN after completing her studies in 2006. Her first role was as an advisor in the department of Energy and Environment in Oslo.
The Oslo office was undergoing rapid growth and Siri was involved in a wide range of projects. She worked as an advisor and a project manager, both on internal projects and in developing new market areas and strategies. She also took on roles as lecturer, supervisor and group manager and participated in bid processes and sales meetings. All in all, she is an example of how ambitions and drive lead to interesting opportunities and career development.

In the spring 2009, Siri was planning to move to Bergen and could easily transfer to the Bergen office. She moved into a new field of engineering as a project leader within the oil and gas division. For Siri, who wanted as much experience as possible within a wide range of disciplines, this was both flexible and interesting. Now, she works with maintenance and modification projects that vary in complicity and size. They all give her challenges and opportunity to grow.

Siri believes there are several positive elements about working in REINERTSEN, but wants focus on the working environment and all the possibilities for personal and professional development.

- Building a substantial company from the bottom with knowledge in a wide range of disciplines gives REINERTSEN a strong position in the market.

Siri Etterlid
Project Manager, Oil and Gas, Bergen
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