Heidrun LPP

The Heidrun Low Pressure Project comprises topside modifications on Heidrun needed to compensate for pressure depletion from the reservoirs.
The Heidrun Low Pressure Production Project (HLPP) will allow Statoil to increase the production from wells where the pressure is dropping. The project shall make necessary modifications on board Heidrun to allow test  seperator B to operate at low pressure.

The main modification is to replace the low pressure compressor and to upgrade adjacent equipment.

REINERTSEN has been engaged in this project since 2011 and delivered a C-study to Statoil in 2012. REINERTSEN was awarded the contract to develop the project further through FEED and finally to do detail design and the execution for deilivery in 2014.

At delivery the project will have expended approx. 500 000 man-hours and the cost prognosis shows MNOK 600.

HLPP is a call-off under the existing M&M contrakt which was awarded to REINERTSEN in 2010. HLPP is organized as an EPCI project (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation). Installation and commissioning is performed as an integrated team between Statoil and REINERTSEN (the ICC model).

Project data

  • › Year: 2012-2014
  • › Contract: EPCI
  • › Value: 600 mill. NOK

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