Heimdal Extended Life Modification Portfolio EPCI

Heimdal is a gas hub for the processing and distribution of gas. Heimdal has been in production since 1985, but now it is mainly a processing plant for other fields. The derrick has not been in use since the 1990's. Statoil want to extend the life of Heimdal, so that they can process additional production from surrounding fields. The project is therefore named "Heimdal Extended Life". 
REINERTSEN has EPCI responsibility for two subprojects on the integrated steel platform.

We will remove the derrick, a a total weight of 1000 tons. The drilling equipment consisting of derrick and drilling module will be removed by means of heavy-lift vessels. In the future, this area will provide space for temporary modularized drilling facilities.

Heimdal has limited lifeboat capacity and they need new lifeboats as soon as possible to cover all planned future activities. The lifeboats shall be replaced with three new modern boats. The new structure section weighing several hundred tons. REINERTSEN's scope of work includes engineering, fabrication, pre-assembly and installation of new lifeboat ramp.

Project data

  • › Year: 2012-2014
  • › Contract: EPCI
  • › Value: 300 mil. NOK

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