Heimdal New Power Generator (HNPG)


Management: Lump Sun
Engineering: Reimbursable
Fabrication: Unit rates
Installation: Reimbursable

The HNPG scope of work covered:
  • A Power Generator Module (600 tons) with a new turbine driven generator to replace the main power generation on Heimdal, existing KG5 units to be used as back-up
  • Minimum electric output: 10 MW under unfavorable conditions with thermal degradation and degraded gas turbine
  • The new generator module to be installed on the south side of module M20
  • Offshore lift/installation by HLV Saipem S7000
  • Gas turbine based on dry low emissions (DLE) technology and run on dry gas fuel only
  • A waste heat recovery unit, with the purpose of heating hot oil, is included as an option

The power generator package was procured from Nuevo Pignone, under a Statoil frame agreement. The contract was negotiated by
Statoil and then transferred to REINERTSEN who became responsible for the delivery and all follow-up including QC and attending tests/FAT.

The project was executed with Management and Engineering performed in Trondheim. Prefabrication was performed in Murmansk,
Russia, and module construction and assembly was performed in Orkanger.


Project data

  • › Year: 2006-2010
  • › Contract: EPCI
  • › Value: 710 mill. NOK

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