Njord LPP and Hyme

Njord LPP and Hyme tie-in, topside modifications EPCI.
Njord Low Pressure Production

Reservoir pressure on Njord is decreasing and the current process plant does not allow for major reductions in inlet pressures on the Low Pressure Manifold.

The scope includes modification of the process plant for more effective and flexible gas treatment as well as lower inlet pressure on the Low Pressure Manifold. The Njord LPP project included the following main modifications to Njord A;
  • New piping from Low Pressure Manifold to 2nd Stage Separator.
  • Increased gas capacity for 2nd Stage Separator.
  • Replacing existing 3rd Stage Suction Cooler and new piping.
  • Replacing existing 3rd Stage Suction Scrubber.
  • Replacing existing 3rd Compressor.
  • Revamping existing 4th Stage and 5th Stage Compressors.
  • Replacing Gas Export Valve.
Hyme Topside Modifications to Njord A

Hyme wellstream tie-in, injection and control included the following topside main modifications to Njord A:
  • Hyme Flowline with connection to High Pressure, Low Pressure and Test Manifolds.
  • Upgrading Njord A Test Separator to fiscal standard.
  • Upgrading Njord A produced water capacity.
  • Provision for gas lift to Hyme Well and Hyme Riser Base.
  • Modification to existing water injection system.
  • New chemical injection system and modification to existing chemical injection system for Subsea and Topside New subsea hydraulic power unit and installation of new subsea control system.

Project data

  • › Year: 2011-2013
  • › Contract: EPCI
  • › Value: 710 mill. NOK

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