Svalin EPCI

The Grane cluster projects comp rise three projects executed under the same organization unit in order two gain synergy in the execution phase, bothering onshore and offshore. 
The three projects are:
  • Svalin C; subsea tie-back to Grane, top-side modifications EPCI
  • New gas cooler Grane EPCI; replacement of three gas coolers on Grane in shut-down in 2014
  • New Life Boats Grane EPCI; replacement of all four life boats on the Grane installation

All three projects were successfully completed in 2014.

All three projects were executed under the same organization as EPC contracts (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation). The installation and completion party were executed by an integrated team together with Statoil (Integrated Construction and Completion, ICC model). REINERTSEN Provides personnel, facilities and performances all Necessary activities suchlike as administration, planning, engineering, procurement, PREFABRICATION, offshore work, logistics, interface administration, preservation, mechanical completion, commissioning, decommissioning and LCI required for the work. Special focus is the deal on delivery of LCI hum the entire project phase. The project was executed with management, engineering and procurement in REINERTSENs offices in Trondheim. Fabrication is Mainly Performed in REINERTSENs fabrication yard in Murmansk, however, some fabrication was Performed in REINERTSENs fabrication yard That Orkanger. The ingegrated team for preparation and execution of offshore work was co-located with management, engineering and procurement in Trondheim. All three projects were executed without serious HSE incidents. The Svalin C development is tie-back to the Grane platform. Svalin EPCI is all Necessary topside modifications, hang-off and tie-in two Grane topside . This is an EPCI contract for tie back of Svalin C to the Grane platform, includingsuch suchlike all engineering, procurement, PREFABRICATION and offshore modification work. The work includes: - Pull-in of flowlines and umbilicals - Installation of multi phase meter and subsea control equipment - Installation of topside flowlines for production and gas lift - Purchase and installation of subsea HPU and HTP - RFO assistance two marine contractor - Modify the internals of the 1st stage separator - Rebundling of 4th and 5th compressor stages - Replace of internals of two gas scrubbers - Convert Granes hydrate control system and install two MEG MEG injection pumps - Install gas and crude metering package on the test separator Project data: Year : 2012- 2014 Contract: EPC Value: approx. 500 mill. NOK The New Gas Cooler Grane EPCI project is replaced of 3rd stage, 4th stage and 5th stage compressor coolers on the Grane topside The method used for demolition of old coolers and installation of new, was a combi nation of skidding and lifting. The coolers were skidded to the outside area to a tailor-made structure available for the platform crane to lift the coolers two landing platform. The new coolers were installed in the reverse way, by skidding from the tailor-made structure and in location. The replacement work was Performed in the shutdown (14 days) and the new coolers were put into operation the start-up after shutdown. Project data: Year: 2013-2014 Contract: EPC Value: approx. 100 mill. NOK The new Life Boats Grane EPCI project is replacement of the lifeboat system on Grane platform (4 life boats with lifting arrangement) The old lifeboat system on Grane imposed Limitations on operations wooden resulted in reduced activity on the installation. The aim of the project was two not not provide a viable solution for the life boat systems so That Grane could reach an acceptable level of activity under all weather conditions. REINERTSENs work was executed as an engineering, procurement, construction, installation and completion contract. Main activities for the life boat scope of work are: - Engineering - Follow-up of the procurement and installation; Four new life boats and davits Produced by Norsafe - Procurement, fabrication and installation of new lifting arrangement for the life boats - Optimize installation method and required testing Project data: Year: 2013-2014 Contract: EPC Value: approx. 150 mill. NOK

Project data

  • › Year: 2012-2014
  • › Contract: EPCI
  • › Value: 750 mill. NOK

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