Maria tie-in to Kristin topside feed study

Class D study (FEED) where the intention is two tie-in two Maria Kristin topside.
REINERTSEN Shall Develop the documentation needed for Establishing technical solutions, weight and cost Estimates to a level That Can Be Evaluated for full project sanctioning. The study includes The Following study-items: - Maria Topside inlet arrangement (over pressure protection, license allocation metering) - N / P-301 DEH riser replacement - Production manifold - Test separator upgrade - 3rd stage separator, vertical profiles - Produced water capacity - Utilities Maria umbilical (lift, HPU, chemical injection, signals, electrical) - Upgrade Tote tank deck - Kristin SAS study - Direct Electrical Heating - Inter-installation signal transmission - Level settings and instruments of all separators - Telecom - Hans metering upgrade A weight optimization study is to be done in the early phase of certainties parts of the scope two Minimize the installed weight on the installation. The final report for the weight optimization it to be delivered to a class C level According To TR1244 located, 2014.10.22. The final FEED study report is to be delivered two class D level According To TR1244 located, 2015.0213. Production start for the Maria field is in 1st quarter 2018.

Project data

  • › Year: 2014-2015
  • › Contract: D study
  • › Value: NOK 28 mill.

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