Troll B Z12 Module Project – Class B Study

B study to find feasible concepts to increase the gas capacity at the Troll B platform. The objective for the project is to install a new processing module in the Z12 area.
The main scope is to:
- Install a new gas processing module to increase the gas capacity from 10 to 15 MSm3/d to meet the increase oil production from Troll West. 
- Install a new inlet facilities to connect production from existing wells to the new gas module.
- Perform necessary modification to existing main and utility system to connect-up the new module
- Evaluate alternative solutions to reduce weight and cost
- Evaluate utilization of existing Z12 deck
- Demonstrate an overall execution model for the complete project including execution phase

There is an option for a C study.

Ready for operation 1Q 2019.

B-study according to TR1244 will be completed within 31.10.2014.

Project data

  • › Year: 2014
  • › Contract: B-study
  • › Value: 7.8 mill. NOK

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