Morten Herredsvela


Morten has worked in REINERTSEN AS since 2006. He was trained as an Instrument Technician on Saltdal high school in Rognan. Now he is working as an installation manager in REINERTSEN.
To apply for a job in REINERTSEN was an easy choice for Morten. He had several friends who worked in REINERTSEN and had heard a lot of good things about the company. Morten started his career as an installation manager on the Grane platform in 2006, and after this he had a few missions on Troll B.

The past year Morten has worked as shore installation manager on the Njord LPP/Hyme project. He thinks it is exciting and interesting to contribute to a multi discipline environment, in addition to lead and support the installation work from shore.

Morten appreciates the good working environment in REINERTSEN. Robust colleagues contribute with a strong professional support. Experience with both offshore and onshore assignments shows that it is fabulous to work here:

"Conversations are casual even when we are discussing serious matters, and the employees are good at including other colleagues."

Morten says that there are many exciting challenges and career opportunities for those who want in REINERTSEN AS. Department heads and division managers are good at seeing the best in people and highlighting their knowledge.

He is especially proud of the HSE work REINERTSEN does and the results that are achieved. It is hard and demanding work that never gets done, but gives a lot back.

- REINERTSEN is in the top layer within HSE!

Morten Herredsvela
Installation Manager, Fabrication and installation
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