Jannicke Riise


Jannicke heads up the Project Management unit in the Bergen office. She is an engineer, specialized in production techniques from Bergen College and started her career in REINERTSEN in 2003. At that time, the Bergen office employed only 8 engineers and Jannicke started out in the role as project controller. Through a period of strong growth, she got the opportunity to take on further responsibility, both as purchaser and group manager for the procurement and finance group. With continued growth, the group were divided in more specialized units and Jannicke headed up the Procurement group which now holds 14 purchasers. During the same period she worked as Procurement manager for the Maintenance and Modification contract with Hydro.
Jannicke recently took on the role as manager for the Project Management unit. The unit consists of several groups covering Procurement, Project Management, Finances, Planning, LCI and Documentation. In total, the unit counts about 100 employees.

- The best part about working in REINERTSEN is the working environment, the broad spectre of opportunities for development and all the professional challenges. I have enjoyed working here since day 1 and have developed close relationships with many of my colleagues. Some of us have even become close personal friends.

Jannicke believes that REINERTSEN has great advantages in the market due to the size of the company and because it covers both land based and oil and gas history.

Jannicke Riise
Section Manager, Project Management, Bergen.

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