Fabrication and installation


REINERTSEN owns workshops in Orkanger (Norway) and Murmansk (Russian Federation) where high quality fabrication focused on efficiency and HSE, is being delivered. Workshops have a great capacity to build new lagre-scale modules amongst other things.

These workshops supply modules and prefabrication units for topside-building projects as well as subsea structures and components.

REINERTSEN's facilities are situated near Orkanger quay, 45 km southeast from Trondheim.

Site area:
60 000 m2
Workshop area:
4 190 m2
Warehouse area
450 m2
Office area:
1 350 m2

REINERTSEN's facilities are situated near Abram-Mys quay, facing Murmansk town centre.

Site area:
55 000 m2
Workshop area:
15 000 m2
Warehouse area:
1 000 m2
Office area:
2 000 m2


REINERTSEN is a major supplier of maintenance services on Norwegian processing sites, Norwegian shelf and inland. Department of Installation is in charge of realization of the project's installation phase on-site, and is responsible for HSE and quality control, completion, resources and subcontractors.

REINERTSEN has a competent staff consisting of installation managers and skilled workers within mechanical and electrical trades. Additionally the company has established long-term working agreements with the service trades suppliers within surface protection, isolation, scaffolding, rope access technique and pressure testing.

Together with the resources of subcontractors, REINERTSEN is in charge of approximately 1 000 skilled workers within the whole range of trades, and is therefore capable of handling the whole installation phase of maintenance and modification contracts.

REINERTSEN is presently a maintenance and modification contractor on Heidrun, Grane, Heimdal and Troll A, B, C offshore platforms.

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