REINERTSEN is using known technology from offshore oil and gas in a new bridge concept

Snøhetta Oslo, Dr.techn. Olav Olsen and REINERTSEN have with subsidies from the Norwegian Research Council used offshore oil and gas technology in a new bridge concept. The concept is ideal for long and deep fjords, where it may be cheaper than bottom fixed bridges. The concept is a continuation of the feasibility study "Ferry-free coastal route E39" initiated by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA).

The crossing consists of a floating bridge with a submerged floating tunnel (SFT) at mid span, latter to allow for shop traffic in and out of the fjord. In conjunction with the crossing, a new mooring concept for floating bridges with no direct seabed mooring is suggested. This "artificial seabed", consists of pre-tensioned pipes across the fjord at a water depth of 30 m, moored to each of the shores, explains Morten Bjerkås in REINERTSEN.

The proposed concept takes advantage of proved mooring technology from the offshore oil and gas industry, where mooring of floating platforms were found economically advantageous as the deep water fields were explored.


- The project is now in a phase of running detailed physical experiments to study the behaviour wave, current and wind induced motions will have on cross sections relevant for the proposed fjord crossing. The results should meet the requirements from the NPRA. At the same time suggestions will be made to upgrade the NPRA requirements, based on offshore regulations, as the latter is more applicable to some of the concept components. 

The feasibility study, "Ferry-free coastal route E39", carried out by the NPRA has investigated the potential a ferry-free coastal route will represent for trade and industry and thus for employment and settlement in the region. The study concluded that a ferry-free coastal route, with permanent fjord crossings, is preferred based on increasing the above measures. 


Norwegian Public Roads Administration: Highway 39 - a national, regional and local artery
Norwegian Public Roads Administration: Film about the E39 project


Morten Bjerkås, PhD
Project owner

                                  Marit Reiso, PhD
Project lead

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