REINERTSEN assigned to new fast-track contract on Oseberg

Statoil has assigned REINERTSEN to the Oseberg Delta 2 topside project on Oseberg field center. The contract includes engineering, procurement, pre fabrication and installation (EPCI) to a value of 300 million NOK. The development concept for Oseberg Delta 2 is a subsea tie-back to Oseberg field center through a new subsea infrastructure linked to the existing topside processing plant.

The scope of work consists of: 
- Installation of new HPU and new SPCU, SCU and HTP
- Connection to methanol and new chemical units
- Reconstruction of reception systems for oil
- New pipe modification on the gas injection system

The project, which is led from Statoil in Bergen, is technically demanding with a quick implementation. Oseberg Delta 2 is defined as a part of Statoil's "quick construction projects" (fast-track). These projects' goals is to halve the time from findings to production. The work will begin immediately and employ approx. 100 people in REINERTSEN until mid 2015.

REINERTSEN also did the first Oseberg Delta project which was conducted in 2006-2008. This was a well-conducted project that emphasized good interaction between Statoil and REINERTSEN. We are now focusing on making our second project at least as good as the original, and this time as a fast-track project.
Photo: Geir Tore Suul, REINERTSEN and Marjan Blankenburgh, Statoil
Photo: Geir Tore Suul, REINERTSEN and Marjan Blankenburgh, Statoil

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