Maintenance and modification (MMo)

REINERTSEN is one of the major MMo suppliers to the Norwegian oil and gas industry offshore and onshore. We have been engaged in the MMo contracts for Statoil since 1996.
REINERTSEN offers maintenance services related to the technical upgrading of equipment and facilities. The services include maintenance, operations and work performed during periods of shutdown. We cover the full range of engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning.

REINERTSEN is responsible for the following installations on the Norwegian continental shelf:
  • Heidrun
  • Grane
  • Heimdal
  • Troll A, B and C

In addition, we are engaged in important projects on several onshore facilities, and we also have responsibility for MMo at the Tjeldbergodden methanol plant. Every year we execute in the order of 1,3 million man-hours within the MMo contracts.

The characteristics of the MMo contracts are:

  • Long-term contracts to ensure good interaction between client and supplier
  • Covers all work within all disciplines on the platform/installation
  • The work is closely integrated with the client operations organization onshore and offshore
  • Many projects executed simultaneously - often with short lead times
  • Profit is generated through good performance - every time


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